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Carpet Cleaning To Rejuvenate Your Home's Carpeting

Carpet Cleaning

Mountain State Restoration is well recognized as Morgantown's most trusted carpet cleaning provider. That's right; we offer more than just pressure washing services, such as driveway washing.

Our staff of trained experts is ready to take on any carpet cleaning problem, thanks to their extensive background and training in the field. Every carpet cleaning we do is performed using the most up-to-date methods and standard procedures in the business. No matter the carpet's material or the severity of the stains, our trained professionals will use high-tech tools and tried-and-true cleaning techniques to get them looking like new again.

Our professionalism and commitment to satisfying each and every one of our clients are what truly set us apart. Our helpful and knowledgeable staff is here to assist you from the time of your initial phone call until the very end of the project. The people of the Morgantown region have come to trust us because of the lengths to which we go to assure their complete satisfaction.

When you hire Mountain State Restoration as your go-to Morgantown carpet cleaning company, you'll see firsthand the positive impact our experience, attention to detail, and dedication to providing great results can have on your carpets.

Steam Cleaning Carpets

Steam cleaning carpets is a popular and effective method for carpet cleaning. Here's how steam cleaning carpets typically works:

  • Preparation. Vacuuming removes loose dirt and unwanted substances from the carpet.
  • Pre-treatment. A carpet cleaning solution loosens dirt, stains, and oils. To maximize efficacy, the solution is left to soak.
  • Hot Water Extraction. A steam cleaning machine blasts hot water onto the carpet. Hot water removes dirt, debris, and stains from carpets.
  • Extraction. After spraying hot water on the carpet, the steam cleaner's strong vacuum extracts the water, dirt, and cleaning solution. This eliminates loose particles and leaves the carpet somewhat moist.
  • Drying. Carpets are air-dried after steam cleaning. Air conditioning, fans, and windows can speed drying. Preventing mold and mildew requires adequate drying time.

Steam cleaning carpets removes deep-seated filth, allergies, and stains. Hot water and cleaning solution dissolve pollutants and clean carpets. On top of that, steam heat kills microorganisms and sanitizes carpets, creating a healthier interior environment.

How Long Does It Take?

The time it takes to clean a carpet depends on a number of variables, such as the size of the carpeted area, the amount of dirt, the cleaning method employed, and the tools.

Carpet cleaning in a typical-sized room takes about twenty to thirty minutes. However, this may change depending on the carpet's age, quantity of dirt, and number of stains. Carpets in larger rooms or with more dirt may take longer to clean completely. Furthermore, drying time after steam cleaning might range from 2-6 hours depending on factors like humidity and ventilation.

To learn more about carpet cleaning or pressure washing for Morgantown, give us a call at 304-276-4812 today.

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