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The Struggle Of Pressure Washing Older Houses

The Struggle Of Pressure Washing Older Houses

When the time comes to replace your aged, fragile siding, it might be hard to make the call. There's always been that age-old argument over whether it's better to schedule a gentle pressure washing service to attempt to get a little more life out of them before replacing them totally. It's also possible that anything like an unexpected cost will prevent you from replacing your siding when you'd like to, and you need to look into more affordable options. Mountain State Restoration is here to advise you in any circumstance.

If your siding can handle the pressure of a good washing, you may get another year or two out of it by preventing the growth of dangerous materials that can accelerate its deterioration.

The Magic Of Soft Washing

Luckily, in most of these cases, you can rest assured that the professionals at Mountain State Restoration will be able to perform our house washing service without damaging your siding. To avoid damaging your home's exterior with the harsh scrubbing force of a standard pressure washing service, we often employ a method called soft washing. You can trust that Mountain State Restoration will clean your old siding gently and without damaging it using soft washing techniques.

So What Can Accelerate Premature Deterioration?

Many environmental factors, including direct sunshine, can hasten the deterioration of your siding. However, there are additional causes of early degradation that may be handled with a dedicated cleaning plan. As such, organic growth is a component that must be considered, as they, too, can decrease your vinyl siding's lifespan. Moss, lichen, algae, mold, and mildews are only a few of the harmful organic growths your siding may incidentally house throughout the years.

There are a number of ways that these growths can damage your home's siding, and they aren't choosy about the material. Moss and lichen may slip in between hairline cracks and enlarge them, creating serious problems, while algae can eat away at components within your siding with comparable pH levels. Like algae, mold, and mildew can eat away at the siding material and endanger your health while they do so.

Preventing these growths throughout the years is good maintenance, and the existence of them on your current decrepit siding may influence the decision to go through with a house washing service. At your consultation, the expert will be able to assess this and help you make a choice.

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