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Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth It?

Is Professional Carpet Cleaning Worth It?

It can be tempting to DIY this cleaning project, especially with the affordable carpet cleaners available to rent today. But there are a number of benefits to investing in professional carpet cleaning.

Right off the bat, compared to ordinary vacuuming or carpet cleaners you can rent, professional cleaners can get rid of far more dirt, stains, and allergens from your carpets since they have access to specialist equipment and cleaning chemicals. You may still be able to achieve similar results, but they will be a fraction of the quality of a professional team like Mountain State Restoration. That's right, Mountain State Restoration does more than pressure washing! But what else can the professionals do to make carpet cleaning a worthy investment?

Professionals Are Trained And Experienced

It goes without saying that a professional job will always be better than a DIY, and carpet cleaning is no exception. Our professional carpet cleaners at Mountain State Restoration are trained to operate our cleaners at max efficiency and with careful consideration of your carpet type, age, and level of soil. That means less risk of accidentally damaging your carpet, but it also means a more thorough job you can't get by watching a couple of Youtube videos. We are also trained to spot stains that perhaps the average homeowner wouldn't notice. The result will always be a smooth, evenly colored carpet free of spills or discolored splotches.

Professionals Are Insured And Certified

One of the positives of using any sort of professional service is liability. When you use a professional carpet cleaning service, you can rest assured that any mishaps or unforeseen accidents will be quickly remedied by responsible business owners, especially at Mountain State Restoration. In addition, we are certified to use the cleaners and mix the soaps we use, which is just another layer of reassurance.

Professional Customer Service

Another benefit is, of course, being wooed with superior customer service. At Mountain State Restoration, the entire process is a breeze from the first call until the day of your service. You'll encounter friendly people that wish to help you with your wants and needs at every point in the process. And, on top of everything, Mountain State Restoration offers a satisfaction guarantee, something you can't really get with a DIY job, in which case you usually lower your standards for the results. Instead, a professional carpet cleaning job with Mountain State Restoration will guarantee we will come back again if you aren't pleased with our work.

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