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Can I Skip Concrete Cleaning This Year?

Can I Skip Concrete Cleaning This Year?

Mountain State Restoration is seasoned when it comes to proper care for your exterior surfaces. We highly advise against skipping your yearly concrete cleaning services if you can help it.

To learn more, give us a call at 304-276-4812 or continue reading how concrete cleaning is not only an aesthetic choice but a yearly necessity for safety and health.

Organic Growths

Over the seasons, organic growths such as algae, mold, mildew, and moss can take up residence on your sidewalks and driveway. While obviously an eyesore, they are more dangerous than that.

These growths can deteriorate your paved and concrete surfaces over time, leaving the upper layer of the surface more susceptible to cracks and other types of damage. And certain growths like moss will expand in hairline cracks, causing them to become a big problem if they are ignored.

Tripping and Slipping

On top of destroying the surface of your concrete slabs, these growths pose a risk of falling. Growths like moss and lichen can catch your toes, and moist algae will send your feet flying out from under you before you even notice it. This is especially harmful to those with walking disabilities, the elderly, and children. Preventing the growth of algae and mosses will prevent these trips and slips, and it typically only takes one pressure washing service per year.

Other Health Risks

If that wasn't bad enough, other typical organic growths like mold and mildew could pose health risks, especially for those with respiratory or immune system issues. And these growths are even more treacherous, as the spores can be dragged around your property as you walk through them, even into your home. This growth is tricky to wash away and is always best left to the professionals with their high-powered pressure washers and carefully mixed chemical treatment.

Pressure Washing To Save The Day

Luckily, this is all preventable with yearly pressure washing services. When you visually take notice the concrete area of your property becomes home to those organic growths, your concrete and your property's safety are already being negatively impacted.

Concrete cleaning is satisfying, thorough, and swift, as we are able to use very high pressure on the durable material, sometimes reaching up to 4000 psi. On top of being efficient, it will save you pain and costly repairs in the future. Although there are some things we can't avoid, Mountain State Restoration urged our clients not to go too long between a thorough pressure washing service for their concrete surfaces.

To schedule your affordable, hassle-free concrete cleaning services today, give us a call at 304-276-4812 and speak to the pros.

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